League Rules

Purple & Gold has a few rules to keep things fun and enjoyable for all players:

  1. Time – Start time is 4:30. If anyone on your team is not on the ice by 4:30 give the hammer to the opposition. During the game, be in the hack and ready to throw as soon as your skip puts their broom to the ice.
  2. Spares – Teams need a minimum of three players to play. Two team members and one or two spares. Spares should play in the first or second positions and not play third or skip. Use the contact page to contact your league representatives for a list of available spares.
  3. Bell rule – When the buzzer sounds at 6:05, finish the end you are currently playing and play one more end.
  4. Ended early? – If you end your game early because of a blowout score, circle YES on the scoresheet under “Ended early?”. Ends played will not be counted against you (there is a prize at the end of the year for the team with most ends played!).

Curling Rules

The Curling Canada website has the latest general rules of play